Work Philosophy

Communication is the most important element in all relationships, both personal and professional. Expressing your needs and actively listening to one another makes for a more cohesive and productive environment. I believe that strong communication builds strong teams and helps people work together to achieve common goals.

I am happiest when I create, whether it is a story, a visual, a solution or a lasagna. I take pride in my work and love to show it off. I appreciate any chance I get to contribute to the creative process.

Education will always play an important role in both my personal and professional life. I encourage taking classes and attending workshops to help improve, upgrade and learn new skills. I will never be done learning.

I believe it is important to maintain a friendly professional community that supports and encourages one another. I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know my cohorts. I believe every individual brings something unique to the table and I consider it an honour to learn from their experiences.